For the believer, fear is always God-forgetful. If God is sovereign and His rule is complete, wise, righteous, and good, why would you fear?

The words of Hezekiah, king of Judah, ring as true today as they did in the scary moment centuries and centuries ago when they were first spoken. Judah had been invaded by the powerful king of Assyria, Sennacherib. Hezekiah prepared and armed Judah for battle, but that is not all he did. He addressed the people with a more significant issue. He knew that in these moments God’s people were often given to fear, and he knew where that fear came from. Often in these moments of challenge the people of God would panic because they were identity amnesiacs. They would forget who they were as the children of God and they would forget who God is in all His almighty power and glory. So at this moment, Hezekiah knew that he couldn’t just be a good king and a skilled general; he must also be a wise pastor to his people. 

As they were preparing for the Assyrian onslaught, Hezekiah didn’t want the people of Judah to think that they were left to their battle courage, their war experience, and their skill with weapons. He wanted them to know that they had been amazingly blessed with another ingredient, one that they could not, must not forget. So he said: “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or dismayed before the king of Assyria and all the horde that is with him. . . . With him is an arm of flesh, but with us is the Lord our God, to help us and to fight our battles” (2 Chron. 32:7–8). 

There will be a moment when you will ask, “Where is courage to be found to face what I am facing?” Hezekiah gives you your answer: “Look up and remember your God.” As God’s child, you are never left to battle on your own. 


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