New Plan - Jesus Over Fear (Day 1)

 Growing up I was scared and fearful of three main things: the dark, the boogie monster, and Shamu. 

The dark is just scary. It’s hard to see. It’s hard to trust. It’s just dark. The boogie monster is a different animal. He is the monster that lives underneath your bed and comes out at night. I don’t know how he terrorized you, but most nights I would fall asleep with my socks on, under the covers, and when I would wake up my socks would be missing. I found out years later, when my mom would wash my sheets, all of my socks would be stuffed underneath the sheets at the end of the bed. 

And then there is Shamu, the massive whale at SeaWorld. I grew up in Austin, Texas, and there was a SeaWorld in San Antonio. Commercials would come on all the time, showing Shamu sliding up on the side of the pool, waving his massive fins at the camera. I was terrified! 

The dark really isn’t scary, unless you are in an unfamiliar place. The boogie man isn’t real and Shamu… well I think he has done some really terrifying things.

What are you fearful of? What keeps you up at night? What haunts your everyday? How do we fight against it?

Jesus is the opposite of fear. Jesus is the prince of peace. Colossians 3 urges us to “let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts.” We were “called to peace.” You and I are called to a life of peace. You are invited in. The door is open. This week choose peace over fear. Peace wins. Fear loses. 

Jesus is over fear!


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