Maybe it was days later. Maybe it was weeks. It couldn’t have been longer than a couple of months. Jesus showed up to Decapolis (the place He sent the demon possessed man). A large crowd began to gather, and Jesus had compassion on them and began to teach them. Jesus was teaching into the evening, when his disciples asked him to stop and let the people go back to their houses to eat dinner. Jesus responded, “You give them something to eat.” The disciples didn’t have anything, but they gathered up a few loaves of bread and some fish. Then Jesus said, “Go feed the people.” 

His disciples had to be freaking out. “This isn’t going to work, Jesus. We don’t have enough food, Jesus. We are going to look like fools, Jesus. I know you have asked us to do it, but we are afraid you are not going to show up and provide.”

Has Jesus ever asked you to do something, and then you became fearful that he wouldn’t show up? Maybe Jesus brought you and your spouse together, but fear leads you to believe Jesus isn’t going to sustain it. Maybe Jesus allowed your 401k to skyrocket, but you don’t believe He is going to maintain it. Maybe Jesus gave you the opportunity to work at your current job, but you have fear that Jesus isn’t going to give you the ability to succeed.

Jesus fed the 5000. Jesus will show up for you. Don’t have fear. He will sustain you.

Jesus is over fear!


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