Jesus and his disciples reached the other side of the lake. As the disciples were recovering from their fearful night on the water, a demon possessed man ran toward them as they are getting out of the boat. He was scared. Possessed. And fearful. The man ran toward Jesus and screamed, “What have you to do with me, Jesus. Do not torment me.” This man was fearful of God. Maybe he was fearful that Jesus would treat him like everyone else did. Other people shackled him, tortured him, bound him and subdued him. Would Jesus do the same? 

Some of us become fearful of Jesus, because of the way people have treated us in the past. You think, “Maybe Jesus will leave me like…., Maybe Jesus will judge me like…. Maybe Jesus will attack me like… Maybe Jesus…” The demon possessed man was fearful of Jesus, but he still approached Jesus and fell on his knees before Him.

When was the last time you fell on your knees and begged Jesus for something? I challenge you to bring your biggest fears to Jesus today, fall on your knees, and say whatever you need to say to Him. 

Jesus responded by picking the man up, clothing him, restoring him and sending him on mission to Decapolis to change the world.

He will do the same with you. He will pick you up. He will restore you. He will send you. And you will change the world. 

Jesus is over fear!


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