I have never been in a boat in a wild storm. I did go fishing by the jetties in Jacksonville, FL with 6-foot swells one time. My stomach couldn’t take it. It didn’t end well. We caught a lot of fish though. 

Have you ever been driving in a torrential downpour? You can’t see 6 feet in front of you. Your heart is pounding. You try to not blink. You are calm but freaking out all at the same time. 18 wheelers splash water on your windshield, and your life goes dark for seconds. Sometimes you just have to pull over. 

What about storms in the middle of the night? I have three small kids, and when it gets bad, when thunder shakes the entire house or lightning lights up their entire room, they run to me looking for safety.

In Mark 4, Jesus and his disciples are in a boat in the middle of the storm. Waves were crashing and the wind was whirling. The disciples were losing their mind over fear of a shipwreck. Fear of death. Fear of not making it through. Fear of a lost cause. Fear of disappointment—all while Jesus was asleep. 

Have you ever been there? When was the last time you were in the middle of a wild storm in your life? Maybe you felt like you were ignored by Jesus, or Jesus didn’t care about you. The disciples woke Jesus up by saying, “Jesus, don’t you care if we drown?”

In the middle of the storm, cry out to Jesus. He will get up, rise up, come close to you in the middle of your storm. The scriptures say that the wind died down and everything was completely calm. When was the last time you were completely calm? Trust Jesus, call on his name, and your call will lead to a life of calmness.

Jesus is over fear!


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