Day 6 of Restoration

 Day 6: Deep End

“I’ve been doing better than I was before

I walk with a limp cause I’ve been wrestling with the Holy Ghost

Deep end of this pit but still somehow I keep on floating

Thought I lost my grip but God reminded me it’s holy”

Life doesn’t leave us mark free. Especially now. We’re wrestling through a civil rights movement, a global pandemic, and a year filled with the most unexpected events. 

But God doesn’t leave us alone, even when we feel like we’re at the bottom. He’s there to wrestle with us, just as God wrestled with Jacob. God is a personal God. He meets with us in the midst of the pandemic, in the midst of job loss, in the midst of death. He’s there to help us stay afloat as we navigate these waters. 

Prayer: God, remind me in the midst of these overwhelming times, that you walk alongside me. Thank you for keeping me afloat.


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