Day 5 of Restoration

 Day 5: Self Discovery

“Half black half unknown

Are we Cherokee or seminole?

I got PTSD running through me from my kinfolk”

Time does not heal all wounds and if we don’t deal with the past, it will deal with us in the present. An honest look at our personal lives as well as our social condition is a testament to this reality. From family trauma experienced on behalf of an absent father, to generational wounds inflicted by unjust systems that disproportionately affect black and brown Americans, we have personal and collective histories that need to be addressed. 

Throughout the Bible unaddressed sin is shown to carry generational consequences. Scripture is very clear about this. While we serve a just God who will not let sin go unpunished, this same truth highlights his love and compassion. When individuals and nations alike repent of their sin, God promises blessing that lasts through generations!

Prayer: God, please reveal personal and generational sin patterns in my life. Help me also to look outside myself and see how historic sins are plaguing communities around me and help me bring Restoration as you Restore me. 


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