Day 3

 Day 3: Wheels Up


“I was on cruise control (cruise)

That's how you lose control (lose)

And you gone be what you pursue

I had to renew my goals”

When I look at scripture, I see God delighting in those who are willing to make Him their complete focus. We are  called to enjoy the Lord over anything else this life can offer. Accompanying the call is a promise. God promises if we make Him our all, He will satisfy us in His presence—He will give us peace.  Sadly, many of us know this truth, but still we go astray. We either believe we can find joy apart from God or we tap out on being faithful and choose to disengage.

The good news is that restoration is possible even after we lose our way. The Bible is full of examples of God’s grace to keep us focused on him, as well as his patience and kindness when we confess our lack of prioritizing him and repent and turn away from the things that have captured our affections. 

Consider this: if you have slipped into auto-pilot it’s not too late to wake up. Hear the voice of Lord calling to you as he did in the Garden with Adam and Eve, asking “where are you”?

Don’t be ashamed to admit the truth to yourself and to God. If you’re distracted, anxious, or lacking faith, call out to God and make your needs known. Don’t settle for less. If you’re tired, God offers rest. If you’ve made mistakes, God offers forgiveness. God is near to you today.

Prayer: God help me to prioritize You. Bring me rest through You.


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