Day 2

 Day 2: Set Me Free

“Shackles on my feet

You broke the hold and now I’m free yeah

Even in the dark

It’s time you kept your light on me yeah”

In 2020, there are many shackles that hold us. On “Set Me Free”, I thought of mental, emotional and spiritual shackles that I unknowingly wore. These shackles weighed me down to the point of exhaustion. Many times I felt tormented, restless, and tempted to hopelessness. Have you ever felt this way? 

Shackles are not new. God has been breaking shackles for thousands of years, both literal and the shackles of sin. Paul and Silas experienced the breaking of their shackles while in prison. And God breaks the things that bind us daily. 

Through Jesus, we can experience true freedom. We don’t have to be slaves to our desires anymore. 

Prayer: Lord free me from my shackles and help me to fully experience the freedom You offer.


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