Day 18 - Last Day

 Day 18: Restored

“Evil you ain’t got no control of me 

I’m never too far from the Blood that flow for me

I lost a lot

But got too much to gain

I’ll probably never be the same 

But I ain’t worried cause i know who restorin’ me”

By now you’ve taken the time to listen to my latest album, Restoration, and you’ve been tracking along this Bible study with me to see the various aspects of God’s character that reveal his heart for Restoration. I’ve been intentional to let you in on some of the struggles with faith I experienced and how they have shaped the music and the most recent years of my career. I pray this study has been beneficial to you. Maybe you’ve found closure on some things in your life. Maybe you’re still struggling to find faith. If you’ve made it this far, I can say with certainty that God has kept you and given you another day to fight the good fight of faith. 

To close out the deluxe edition of my album, I invited some friends along to share first hand their journey in the fight for faith. You’ll hear in their lyrics and mine moments of feeling low, counted out by others, and even moments of discouragement based on life’s circumstances not going according to plan. I am encouraged by what happens when we share our stories with one another. We all have a testimony of Restoration because we all need the saving power of God in our lives. I am convinced to know God is to know restoration.

I hope you find courage in these songs to take up the process of restoration for yourself and encourage others along the way as well. It’s not easy, but following Christ is the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m not ashamed to share my story because in the midst of everything I have found there’s nothing I can go through that God is not at the center of, inviting me into a deeper relationship with himself.  If this is true for me, I know it is true for you.

Prayer: Take some time and consider where you are in life with God. If the concept of restoration tracks well with you and you have a sense of progress in your life — praise God! If you’re still uncertain, take a minute to look at Paul’s words in Romans 8 and see if you don’t find reason to hope in God. I love this passage because he rightly sums up the opposition we’re going to face in our walk with God. There will be internal conflicts. We’ll stumble and lose our way, and some of us will even lose friends. But through it all, God paved the road to redemption through the blood of Jesus. Meditate on this passage of Scripture and ask God to minister to your heart.


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