Day 14

 Day 14: Nothing Left to Hide

“I got too much to say but haven't said enough

I called the music business bluff

I ain’t famous enough

Who cares if they think I'm saved enough?

Grace is sufficient

My blood donor gave enough”

It’s never enough.  I never achieved enough, looked holy enough, or said enough of the right things to get all the acceptance I wanted from others.  Whatever your past success, you can feel the pressure to prove it again.  Prove your worth, justify your value (or maybe that’s just what we tell ourselves).  Especially in today’s world, the endless scrolling through social media is only a reminder of how someone else has it better and we aren’t measuring up.  

Many say to combat those thoughts, we need to be constantly telling ourselves how great we are.  But Christ died for a better way, a different approach to finding our worth.  Instead of trying to make it come from within, Jesus, the Son of God who is our great high priest, told us we don’t have to pretend anymore.  He knows we can’t measure up, He knows we fall short.  None of the heroes in the bible were perfect or pleased everyone all the time.  

In Colossians, Paul shows us that we can fix our eyes on something else besides ourselves.  Our value and worth have been given to us by the creator of the universe.  We don’t have to scramble to find it in achievements, popularity, money, or anything else that will never satisfy anyway.  We can be honest about our shortcomings and turn to Christ who shed his blood for us, chose us, and called us to be His child.  I don’t have to perform for the crowds’ approval anymore because they don’t have the power to define me.  My worth isn’t found inside me, it is in Christ who gives it to me.  And just like Paul, we can say that serving Him is the ultimate freedom, and let go of the pressure to define ourselves through the eyes of others.

Prayer:  Lord help me to fix my eyes on You whenever I’m too focused on myself. 


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