Day 13

 Day 13: Only Human

“I thought I was ruined

He started renewing

I look at my life

I'm like “what is you doing?”

He look at my life

He like “already knew it”

And yet I still love you.

I'm walking you through it

Your actions are foolish

But I know you're human”

It’s easy to think of God as distant or far off because of something we’ve done, but over and over again in Scripture we see God’s heart pursuing His children.  A casual reading of just some of the Bible will reveal that His people don’t always choose the best path, the one which will honor the Lord and bring them life.  Over and over those who are supposed to be committed to righteousness have actions that don’t look that way. How can a God so holy also be so forgiving?  Our pattern is the same, but thankfully, our God never changes either.

He is always inviting us into a relationship with Him.  Even in our sins, the offer still stands.  In Isaiah, you can see God’s heart for the brokenhearted, it says that Isaiah was sent by God “to comfort all who mourn and provide for those who grieve.”  At the bottom of the bottom, He is still asking us back to Him, offering forgiveness to His children.

Maybe you find yourself in the aftermath of sin, or wondering why you feel so far from the Lord.  Remind your heart of who God is.  That it is never too late to receive the unconditional love He offers and ask for His help in renewing your commitment to following Him.  

Prayer: Thank you Lord that You are a forgiving God, and that You are always asking me back to You.  Please restore me and help me walk with You.


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