Day 12

 Day 12: Still 

“I’m still 

Still willing to love you

I’m still

Still willing to trust you

I’m still

Still rocking with you

I don't wanna let you go”

When life gets hectic and there are so many people demanding your time, it is easy to forget about the things that matter most. As my career grew, the demands to maintain that success grew as well. Then, before my own eyes, the things that meant the most to me started to suffer. The world saw my success, yet my relationships with the people I love struggled. My relationship with God suffered. 

I wrote this song in the midst of restoring my marriage. At times the right desire to provide saw me sacrificing quality time and investing less at home where I can’t be replaced. Through that process, God revealed sometimes busyness can be a means of hiding our negligence.  My wife has been a huge reminder that when this happens, there’s forgiveness. Through this kind of love, I’m realizing despite my many distractions, unconditional love remains. When good pursuits get in the way of God's pursuits we only need to repent and turn back. God never stops pursuing us; and because of his steadfast love, restoration is possible.

Consider God’s words to Jeremiah. Imagine hearing him at the center of your neglected relationships asking, “What wrong did you find in me that you went far from me?” (Jeremiah 2:5). Now remember God’s faithfulness to restore trust and repent of being distracted from His love if you find yourself needing forgiveness.

Prayer: Thank you God for Your perfect love and for always pursuing me. As I fall short, remind me of Your grace and that restoration is possible.


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