Day 11

 Day 11: Keep Going 

“We never quit we just do it til death

I ain’t gone go til no life in my breath

After they carry and bury me

Tell them don't worry

I'll be back to finish my reps”

Weariness comes for all of us. Lost jobs, death, pain. Sometimes it feels like it never ends. How will we make it?

But God doesn’t leave us alone in the weariness. In Hebrews 12:1, the Scriptures say “since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses.” You weren’t meant to run this race alone. And it is a race. Life is not meaningless meandering, but a purpose-filled sprint. You were made to run alongside others and to run with a fixed goal in mind, Jesus. 

When it feels too much and like you just can’t keep going, remember what Jesus endured. His race was filled with scorn, one of the most painful ways to die, and rejection from the very people He ran on behalf of. We can find strength and endurance through the founder and perfecter of our faith. 

Prayer: God give me endurance to run the race you have set before me.


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