Day 10

 Day 10: Zombie

“I was in the dark

I swear you couldn’t tell me nothing

I was after flesh

I guess I was some type of zombie

Demons used to haunt me

Then I heard the voice of God

I’m grateful Jesus called me”

Life is full of things to chase. Money, fame, sex. Things that will fill you for a moment, but never satisfy. When I reflect back on my own life and the former pursuit of those things, I realize I was like a Zombie. I was living for the things of the flesh.

But that’s not the end of the story. God called me, woke me and gave me a new purpose. He gives us something to chase that will always fulfill, always satisfy and never fail, Him. 

In Romans 8, the Scriptures explain that a mind focused on flesh leads to death, but a mind focused on what the Spirit desires, gives life and peace. What is your mind focused on? What do you chase? 

When your thoughts wander, do you dwell on the things of the Lord, or is it consumed by the numbers in your bank account, the new shoes you want or what people think of you? God came, took on our sinful flesh and paid the price owed for our sins. We no longer have to be controlled by the flesh, but can choose to follow the Spirit.

Prayer: Lord, expose for me the desires of my flesh for what they are, empty, and create in me a desire for the things of You.  


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