New Plan Restoration (Day 1)

 Day 1: Restore Me 

“Use all this pain

Use all this hurt

To grow me

If that’s what it takes to know what I’m worth

Restore me”

God is not surprised by our trials and our pains. We live in a broken world, marred by sin. But in the midst of the pain, God does not abandon us. In fact, he uses that pain to develop perseverance and make us mature believers. 

While pain and suffering are essential ingredients to growth and maturity in our faith, we should be careful to avoid boiling Christianity down to a suffering existence. Instead of interpreting our faith through the lens of suffering, we are encouraged to look at our suffering through the lens of faith. When we experience hardship, and see the brokenness of our world's systems, we are encouraged to consider it joy. As citizens of God’s kingdom, these things should serve as reminders our hope is beyond fulfillment in this world—our hope is in Christ! This hope made fully mature in us has the power to change the world. 

We do not despair without hope.

Prayer: God, use all of my pain and all of my hurt and restore me. Remind me to look at my trials through the lens of my faith in You.


2 Cor. 1:3-8

James 1:2-4



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