Day 6

 The Way We FEEL Is Not Necessarily REAL

Consider this: The way we FEEL is not necessarily REAL. We are so easily deceived by our emotions. Our actions and our attitudes tell us so much more about whether or not we love than our feelings do. And even when we self-examine, our view is distorted. We are blind and can barely see. We look at the one or two self-sacrificing things we might do in a day and yet the remainder of the day is following our own devices and desires.

What do your actions say?

How do we get to true love when we have been born and raised in a self-centered and self-loving world? How can we discern the difference and where do we even begin? We must look to who God is, for God is love. He is the source, and what He does and who He is gives us a proper understanding and definition of love.

Thankfully God's love is not granted to us based upon merit. Praise God for His mercy because none of us deserve His love. But we graciously have been given His love in Christ. If so, we know the source of true love. In salvation we received His love, and we were given His love by grace--by His Holy Spirit. So we can:

love God and
love others.

This means that love is the spring of all our actions.

Do you know Christ’s love? Have you been a recipient of the love of God and Christ His Son? Do you know the reality of the gospel?

The Lord so desires that we humbly enter into His love and receive His love. He will meet us wherever we are--in sadness, in joy, in disappointment, in victory. He desires that we know that He truly loves us. And He wants us to trust His love. May we come to Him with all of our cares, with all of our fears, with all of our sin, and with all of our troubles and lay them at His feet and receive His grace, mercy, and love in exchange.


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