Day 3

 True Love Cannot Be Counterfeited

True love is at the very heart of the gospel and the gospel is the manifestation of God's love. The gospel is the ultimate act of love. It is only through the gospel we come to receive this true love. We have been given the capacity to know true love, enjoy true love, live in true love, and give true love in Christ.

What is the gospel?

The gospel is the good news that someone has taken the blame and the penalty on our behalf for all of our offenses against God. What is the penalty for sin? Death, the wrath of God, eternal torment and separation from God in hell. Jesus, the only someone who could pay for our sin, stepped up, stood in our place, and took ALL the penalty we deserved. Jesus, perfect, without any sin, fully God and fully man, laid down His life for us. He who was without sin took ALL of our sin, ALL of our wretchedness, and ALL of our WRONGNESS upon himself and in exchange gave us His holiness, His character, and His RIGHTEOUSNESS.

The one who laid His life down wants you to know this kind of love, receive it, experience it, live in it, and give it to others.

Have you received this love? If you know you have received God’s forgiveness and you have trusted in Christ and His love, the next thing we want to ask you to do right now is to pray this short prayer before you go any further: “Lord I ask you to open my ears to hear your Word, open my eyes to see you and your truth, and open my heart to respond to all you show me. Help me understand and receive your true love and grasp more of what you have done for me and be able to live in your true love. Amen.”

God’s love for you is the ultimate love. Comprehending and receiving and believing His true love is essential and foundational for who we are, our relationship with Christ, and absolutely everything we do in every part of our lives. And we are to walk in His love for us moment by moment.


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