Day 2

 The Ultimate Goal

If true love really is the ultimate goal, don’t we want to know what it looks like and how we can attain to it? The question might cross our minds, Can we know true love?

If God is love,

and God commands us to love Him,

and God, by grace, has poured His love out in our hearts through Christ in our salvation,

then we can conclude that the answer is yes—a resounding YES! 

We have been given the capacity to know true love, enjoy true love, live in true love, and give true love. If God himself is love, then He is not only our example and standard for love, but He himself is our source as well.

But are there obstacles that might stand in our way?

Unbelief? Hurt? Betrayal? Mistrust? Apathy? Career? Home? Popularity? Fear? Unworthiness? Failure? Think this through today while you are at work, at home, driving . . . then go to the Lord in prayer and share what you discovered. If you don’t feel as though anything is standing in your way, but sense you aren’t as close as you want to be, share that with the Lord as well.


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