Day 12 - Last Day


Considering all that we have read and studied and contemplated these past several days, does your heart long to know true love and to truly love the Lord?! We need the Lord. He is the only one who can show us what true love is and how to let go of the sin that seems to cling so closely. Leaving self and putting to death the flesh is a lifelong task. It means DAILY we must put off our own ways and “walk it out by faith.” We need to practice Taking the Truth to Heart and Bringing It to Life daily. We must put off the lies of the flesh, the devil, and the world and put on the truth of God’s Word by the power of the Holy Spirit. The more we learn to lay off the comforts and ways of this world, the more we will be able to enjoy the joys and presence of Christ, and the more our appetite for Christ will grow. We will be transformed by the renewal of our minds and our hearts. We will desire to leave our old ways and cleave to the comforts and ways of Christ and know the true joys and true pleasures of true love. We will experience His love in and through us and fulfill God’s purpose for us as stated so clearly in the Westminster Catechism: What is the chief end of man? Man’s chief end is to glorify God and to enjoy him forever! 

Let’s pray, “I love you Lord, because you hear my voice and my pleas for mercy. Your love has been poured into my heart through the Holy Spirit who has been given to me. Thank you, Lord!”

Taking the Truth to Heart:
Choose a Scripture from today to take to heart.

Putting SELF to death:
What sin is being addressed in your life by the Scripture you wrote. 

Bringing the Truth to Life:
What specific changes do you need to make in your thinking or attitude or behavior to submit to God?


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