Day 11

 The Outcome of True Love? J! O! Y!

On any given day our soul can ache from the effects of indwelling sin, and our heart grieves in our weakness. John Owen would say he felt as weak as water. Some days can be much more difficult than others. The winds change and the storms of trial come and go in our lives. The enemy accuses. Where is our hope? In Christ! When trials hover for months, years, even decades, where is love then? Where is our hope? In Christ! Our submission to God is tested and tried. Where is our obedience? Through Christ! In the throes of a trial, so many thoughts and feelings crash, collide, and careen through our heads and our hearts. Where is our energy, our strength, our youthful zeal? In Christ!

JESUS is your all and all; your everything. Take Him at His Word and believe what He says and not what you think, nor what anyone else says, or what you feel. He is central, foundational, core, everything, preeminent--ALL. Christ! His life, death, and resurrection were all for the sake of unworthy rebellious sinners like you and me. He set aside His position and His crown and laid down His life. We are called to that same death of self for the sake of Christ and others.

Obedience. Obey God’s Word and trust Him in thought, word, and deed. Cling to Christ and His love. Choose to put away feelings and old default ways of thinking and put on faith, believing that what God’s Word says is true.

How do we follow the source of true love and allow His love to flow in and through our lives? How do we learn to remain by His side and in step with His Spirit and follow His impulses and not our own? 

First, we must see if we have drifted out from under His banner of love. Ask: “Am I seeing clearly? Am I walking in step with you, Lord?” We can pray a short prayer throughout the day to help us: “Help me believe in your love and walk in your love! Lord, I want to love you. Help me love you with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength and help me to love others.”

Your youth is renewed like the eagles! You find joy in the Lord and strength from that joy!


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