JESUS ONLY: Part 2 (Day 20)


A Greater View of Marriage

Gary Thomas writes in his book Sacred Marriage that, “The real transforming work of marriage is the twenty-four-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week commitment. This is the crucible that grinds and shapes us into the character of Jesus Christ... Marriage calls us to an entirely new and selfless life.” This runs counter to what we hear in our culture today, doesn’t it? The messages we are bombarded with include: you’re to be happy, completed, continually satisfied sexually and emotionally - a tall order for any relationship. Imagine if instead of pursuing these goals, you walked through married life with an attitude of expectancy? Looking and watching for the way God is at work - in your life and the life of your spouse. 

Most of us get married for our own needs and grow into caring for the needs of each other. But, for a moment, think beyond just the two of you. Think about the potential of such a beautiful relationship captured in this quote: “I mean that a Christian marriage points beyond itself to something more important – to Christ. As such, marriage is a sign and a wonder… For Christians, the love between spouses is meant to reveal how God loves the world.” (Pete Scazzero)

God’s design for marriage is for it to be an earthly foreshadowing [reflection?] of a heavenly reality - the way Jesus loves his bride, the Church. Imagine the impact this can have within our circles on our children, our extended families, our communities.

Reflection Question(s):

Consider meeting with another couple to discuss ways that God has used your marriage relationship to transform your relationship with Him (God).

Take time to talk with your spouse about ways God might desire to use your marriage to reach others.

Resource Suggestion:

Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas 

Devotions for a Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas 


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