JESUS ONLY: Part 2 (Day 2)

 Week 6, Day 2 - Monday

As you begin Jesus Only: Part Two, you have arrived at the halfway point of Paul’s letter to the Colossians. Well done! In Chapter 3, Paul opens a new section on how to live a Holy life as you follow Christ. He wants to help His readers see that the power of Jesus’ resurrection fulfilled the Law so He can transform your life in ways the Law never could. 

Read Colossians 3:1-4 and notice Paul says you have been raised with Christ. The implication is that, just as Christ died and was raised to His place in heaven, you also died to your old self and were raised with Him as a new creation when you believed. What a precious gift to be raised with Him, His Holiness, and His righteousness paying the penalty for our sin. 

For many years I struggled to understand this truth. In my head I knew it was true, but somehow, I felt like I had to manufacture the new life. I set up my own expectations of the standards I thought I should live up to as a Christ follower and I failed to meet those standards. Every time I fell short, I beat myself up, feeling Christ must be so disappointed in me. He patiently continues to teach me that it was HIS resurrection, HIS holiness, HIS righteousness, not mine, that paid the price. He loves me and cheers me on as I surrender to His transformation process to become more like Him. You and I and all who believe are “raised with Christ '' to become beautiful reflections of Him as He helps us shed what doesn’t reflect Him. 

Reflection Question(s) 

What are a few ways in which you may have been trying to measure up to some false measuring stick as you follow Christ? 

Now take a few moments to picture yourself, seated beside Jesus and give Him this list. 

Ask Him to help you surrender it all to Him and to follow what He asks of you out of love. 

What are two ways you can continue to seek His guidance this week as you picture yourself “raised with Christ?"


Jesus, I believe that Your blood, Your resurrection power covers my sin. I thank You and praise You for covering me with Your righteousness and raising me to new life in You. As You gently guide me in the transformation You long to shape in my life, help me to stay close to You and draw on Your power embraced by Your love.  


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