Jesus You Alone (Day 7) last day

Alone. A word that can invite doubt or fear into the bravest soul. Isn’t it just like God to take a word that has one meaning on earth, and give it a life-changing meaning in the heavens?! 
Let’s think about it: ‘Alone’ in earthly terms, brings to mind words like solitude, darkness, or even rejection. Maybe you have experienced these realities before in your own life and being alone is something you try to avoid at all costs. That may look like constant movie marathons, social media binging, or doing anything that can fill up spaces of uncertainty in your life.   
BUT in the heavens, the word ‘alone’ becomes a powerful word of declaration, because when we say phrases like ‘JESUS YOU ALONE’, we are surrendering our very lives to declare that nothing else matters but Him! Those feelings of solitude, darkness and rejection are replaced with the Father, His light and being aware of His presence when we worship. 
Today, as you listen to the song Jesus You Alone, let that phrase be the center of everything You do. Allow Him to become greater in your life while you become less (John 3:30). When we set our minds on Him, our hearts will follow, and we will see the word ‘alone’ become a source of power and strength in our lives.


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