Jesus You Alone (Day 6)

Wouldn’t it be amazing if faith could be boxed up and passed out like presents at Christmas? Just think of it: You and your loved ones all cozy, safely waiting around the sparkling tree, expectant for what’s coming your way. 
While that seems a little outlandish, it’s often how we view faith in times of struggle. As adversity strikes, if our faith hasn’t been developing in our relationship with God, we can find ourselves trying to 'open our gift of faith’ and use it as needed.
So how do we strengthen and deepen our faith in God so that we aren’t shaken by adversity? When we come into relationship with God, it happens by faith (Rom 10:9) – but it doesn’t stop there. Romans 10:17 is quite clear: Faith comes by the Word of God. Knowing who God is and who He wants to be in your life can radically change your outlook and quite possibly the trajectory of your situation. God proves to us in His word that He can do anything where there is faith (Heb. 11). Our faith is strengthened by learning and declaring His Word in and over our lives. 
The song ‘How I need You’ declares statements that are true faith-builders, because they are each based on scripture. Are you strengthening your faith each day as you live in relationship with God or are your still ‘waiting by the tree’ for more? Today is the perfect time to dive into deepening your faith. Take some time in the scriptures mentioned and let God speak to you and build up your faith.


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