Jesus You Alone (Day 5)

We live in a noisy world. Every day we are bombarded by social media, opinions of others, and the pressures of life. The world is constantly talking to us, and it is easy to let those voices dictate our day. Maybe a coworker has discouraged you or a friend has disappointed you. Life can certainly fill our hearts with many voices.  
As Christ followers, it is important to cultivate God’s truth in our hearts. Psalm 40:3 says that God places His praises in our mouth. He gives us an internal ‘soundtrack’ of His grace in our lives, and it’s up to us to make sure that this is louder than the noise of our daily lives. 
Don't miss the opportunity to worship each day. Meeting with God one-on-one, through daily prayer, reading, and worship will ultimately bring us closer to Him. Being close to Him means knowing His voice, His ways, and His truth. It's much like a true friend: the more you meet, the more familiar you become. 
Where do you find yourself today? Are you only meeting with God one day a week or are you making an effort to daily meet with Him? He is ready to meet with you, strengthen and encourage you . As you listen to Song in My Heart, be encouraged that He knows exactly where you are and loves you no matter what. You can trust that every time you meet with Him, He will put a song in your heart to worship and ultimately know Him more!


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