Jesus You Alone (Day 3)

What is your first response to the ‘storms’ in your life? Do you look at the ‘wind and waves’ of the circumstance, OR does your mind immediately focus on the One watching over you in the storm? 
You see, the perspective of our current situation can only be God-centered when we know who God truly is in our lives. When you have a relationship with Him, He is to be Lord over all. If you are living in that truth, then you also know that He is with you in the storm. You are never left to manage things on your own. You are not forgotten – you are not forsaken. 
Psalm 113:5 asks: “Who is like the Lord?” This entire chapter reminds us of the praise God deserves, the position He truly holds, and the power He contains. No matter the storm, He is with us. This promise is enough to strengthen our spirits and allow us to go with confidence to Him and find the mercy and grace we need (Heb. 4:16).  
Today, examine your life. Have there been moments where you didn’t see God as Lord over all in your circumstance? It’s ok! Confess that today and know that His mercies are always new, His goodness is for everyone, and He’s ready to be the Lord of your life today. 
The song 'Who is Like the Lord' is a declaration of faith. As your time of prayer comes to a close, listen in and be encouraged that as you declare who God is, your faith will be strengthened to withstand any storm!


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