Jesus You Alone (Day 2)

As children, it’s not hard to generate excitement and wonder about the smallest of things: a new toothbrush or a piece of candy found in a back pocket. Why is it that we lose the wonder of life as we grow into adulthood?
Wonder is a component of our relationship with Jesus that allows our hearts and minds to recognize that God does amazing things. As we gain more life experience, it’s easy to misplace, suppress, or even forget that wonder is an actual belief and conviction - not just a perception. 
The same can be the case in our walk with God. We start with such a sense of wonder realizing that if He can save us, He can do anything. Then somewhere along the way, we may begin to lose hope that He even hears our prayers. 
In Psalm 77, we find the writer questioning everything about his life, down to his very existence. The turning point for him is in verse 11 when he begins to recall to mind all of the things God has done. Even in his despair, he chose to recall the wonders of God, and his spirit was lifted. We have that same opportunity!
Take a minute and recall to mind the things that God has done in your own life. Thank Him for the good and even the not so good. Remembering who God is and what He has done will ultimately fill your heart with wonder. As you listen to the song Wonderful Things, allow God to show you things in your life that are actually wonder-filled and thank Him for each one. 


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