While We Wait (Day 4)

On September 10, 2016, my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Two months later, he lost his battle. He was only 69 when he passed away. Then, in January of 2018, my good friend, Jill, went to be with Jesus. Breast cancer won. I experienced two giant, life-changing losses in a very short timespan. To say I grieved would be an overwhelming understatement.
When this happened, I isolated myself. I’ve experienced loss before but never loss quite this deep. Quiet is my solace and healing. In my solitude, I breathe in more of Jesus. But when I’m isolated for too long, darkness and bitterness can take root. There must be balance.
I have to fight myself to let true community in. I say “true” community because we have to choose our people wisely. There’s a huge difference between choosing vulnerability for healing with trusted friends and tossing your pearls to swine. Not every life event is meant to be posted on social media. True community encourages us to build resilience and provides a safe place to land. These people are our anchor in the storm.
In John 1:5, it says, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”
When we choose to let light into our darkness, things are a lot less scary. By inviting my trusted community into these places, I gained prayer warriors. When I had no words left in my grief, my friends stood in the gap of intercession for me. There’s nothing more important than a healthy community that will journey with you when the road is long.
Our community is the people that remind us God is for us. They remind us:
God is good even when things look bad.
God is Healer even when it hurts.
God is Peace even when life overwhelms us.
God is Love even when our hearts are broken.
God created us for community for times just like this. Let’s choose to let them in.
Who’s in your true community?
In what ways have you chosen vulnerability?
How can you better embrace community?


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