Jesus and the Coronavirus (Day 7)

Hold on to Hope. Live from LOVE not fear

In times of turmoil, in seasons of distress, Jesus is more feelingly with his people than ever. Hebrews tells us that Jesus experienced all the horror of this world that we do, minus sin. So apparently, he knows—he himself knows—way down deep, what it feels like for life to close in on you and for your world to go into meltdown. We can go to him. We can sit with him. His arm is around us—stronger than ever—right now. His tears are larger than ours. WE HAVE A HOPE, and that hope is JESUS.
The opposite of hope is hopelessness and despair. Without hope there is fear. Hope may not always change the outcome but it can help us to cope with the journey – even enjoy it. 

Choose hope today. Choose faith. God is for you and He is on your side. Consider writing down 3 things you are grateful for today, and 3 things that you can hope for as a result of God’s promises to us. 
Pray: Jesus, I thank you that you are with me and that you are my hope, which is an anchor for my soul. Help me to live for you every day, putting others before myself and loving others like you have loved me. 


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