Jesus and the Coronavirus (Day 5)

Embrace the Season

These next few weeks / months may afford you opportunities you do not usually have. You may be working from home. You may have more time with family and/or friends as you are quarantined or self-isolated. 
In a world of over-stimulation and noise, what can you do in this new environment to care for yourself and build stronger relationships? Perhaps put your phone down, and spend your extra quality time with the close people in your life - including Jesus! Perhaps set some time aside each day to be quiet - to enable your mind and spirit to find the quietness it craves.
I wonder how your prayer life could profit over these next weeks. 

Today, consider minimizing your phone use and screen time. Give your senses some space! If you have more time because you are self-isolating or working from home, schedule in some much-needed quiet time.
If your business travel has been restricted, or you are a contract worker finding yourself with more free time (or anything similar!), think about joining a Group to encourage others and be encouraged in this season.


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