Jesus and the Coronavirus (Day 22)

Be Imitators of Christ

If you have been keeping up with us, then today is Good Friday. Don’t panic if it’s not Good Friday for you as you read this: The principles still stand!
The Easter weekend is one that is filled with both deep sorrow and great celebration for the believer. Sorrow as we pause to consider the Saviour of the Universe hanging in agony on the cross, rejected and crucified by the very ones that He created. Celebration as we are reminded of God’s astonishing sacrificial love for us; his mercy, grace and forgiveness that are on full show in the Resurrection. 
The pain of the cross contrasted with the joy of the resurrection is a powerful journey for us to reflect on over the next couple of days. It is a journey that demands a response. While you were dead in your sin, Jesus died to save you and bring you life. You cannot stay the same.
So, as the Corona Virus continues to take its toll on the world, let this Easter weekend stir your faith in Christ again and give you fresh perspective on your purpose in the shadow of the cross. Marvel at His grace and majesty. Be mindful of your own shortcomings. Thank God for His work in Christ on the cross. Resolve to imitate Him and to show the same love to others that He showed you: a love that is willing to lay down your own life for the benefit of those around you.  

Today call a friend and discuss the question with them: “What does it practically look like to imitate Jesus?”. Try to come up with 3 actions points of things that you can do over the next week to put your conversation into practice.
Secondly, take 15 minutes simply to meditate on what Jesus did for you on the cross. Consider His love for you. Reflect on the fact that you are forgiven. Thank God for His goodness! 


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