Jesus and the Coronavirus (Day 2)

Be Kind and Generous

The Christian life is a selfless life, even when there is a global pandemic taking place. The scenes of panic-buying we have all witnessed exhibit a “me first” philosophy. 
As Christians, we are not called to act like that. In this period, reflect on the vulnerable in our community. How can we be kind to them in the way that we act? Let us use our resources for the good of our community, not just ourselves. When the economy is volatile, opportunities to surprise our neighbours with our confidence and joy because of the gospel surge forward. Now is the time to love more! 

Today, consider how you can practically help those in need around you. Can you buy some food for someone elderly or self-isolating? Can you share some of your loo roll with someone that has none? Is there someone in your Group who works freelance who may need monetary support over the coming months? Perhaps you could even go old school and write a letter to someone that is lonely.
Don’t forget to pray for our nation and our world today, as we remember those in need. 


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