Jesus and the Coronavirus (Day 14)

Praise the King

When Jesus was raised from the dead, he then ascended into the sky and sat on the throne in heaven, where he still sits today. 
The throne represents ultimate power and authority. 
This means that all power and authority in heaven and on earth belongs to Jesus. 
We often quote this famous verse from the Book of Revelation that Jesus is " The King of Kings". It is time to remember where our ultimate authority comes from. Not a virus, a friend, a job or even church but the One True King. 
News flash: Jesus is still ruling and reigning.

God is described as our Father and our friend in scripture, but He is also our king.
Today, simply praise The King. Whether it's playing some worship music, singing, praying or creating something, let's worship The King through the trial no matter how hard or unnatural it may feel.
He reigns!


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