Jesus and the Coronavirus (Day 13)

Expect God's Intervention

We may not fully understand why God appears to heal at some times and not at others, and that’s ok.
However, may our lack of understanding never be a reason to stop us expectingGod’s intervention and healing touch.
God's character has not changed, and we believe what His word says about Him. He is Jehovah Rapha (Our Healer). 
Have you stirred your faith to pray for God's hand to be on someone who has contracted the virus or even, one step further, for the whole epidemic to stop? 
How amazing would it be if tomorrow morning we woke up and the news read "Corona Virus suddenly disappears!" and we can respond "It was Our God".
Let’s believe big today. For His glory.

Take some intentional time today to pray for a divine intervention to miraculously stop the virus in its tracks and proclaim Our God as Healer.
If you know someone with symptoms of the virus, why not call them to pray for them over the phone. Let’s believe for miracles together.


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