Jesus and the Coronavirus (Day 12)

Don't Lose Heart

In 1606, the Plague hit London. Hard. Life stopped completely. 
This included public gatherings including church meetings, sporting events and theatre outings. 
During this time, William Shakespeare was becoming an incredibly prolific and well-respected playwright. However, his work and livelihood was suddenly threatened as London theatres closed for 3 years. 
He had a choice: Bow down and give up all his hard work or persevere. It was during this time period that he wrote some of his most well-known plays including Macbeth, King Lear and Antony & Cleopatra. 
What dream has God placed on your heart regardless of every obstacle you may currently be facing?

Write out 3 dreams that you have in your heart, big or small, and pray into them. 
Today, no more procrastination. Start the business plan; start to write that book; run the first 5k (as long as you are not self-isolating). Persevere in what you believe God has placed on your heart. Embrace this season. Make it productive for His kingdom.


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