Jesus and the Coronavirus (Day 11)

Pray for Your Leaders

As a church in this season we have committed to pray at 7pm every day. 
It doesn't have to be long or even well-articulated, but it is definitely powerful. 
It's an unprecedented, unpredictable and challenging time to lead anything right now let alone an entire country. 
More than ever, it's vital we pray for our Government and world leaders regardless of our personal political leanings or ideologies. It's a time for unity not division. 
Why don't we start with prayer? And, like Jeremiah 29v7 states, as we pray for our city and nation to prosper, so will we.

At 7pm this evening, join with our whole church and pray for our Prime Minister and his government: For wisdom, resource, patience, rest and anything else you feel led to pray for. 


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