Jesus and the Coronavirus (Day 10)

Remember it's not about You

Chancellor Rishi Sunak recently said, “When this is over, and it will be over – we want to look back on this moment and remember the many small acts of kindness done to us and by us”. It’s a powerful sentiment. As our passage today reminds us, Rishi is not the first to call us to servanthood.
If you serve at all within the life of our church, you will know how important it is, not only to our church, but also to the people in our cities and country not involved with our church. 
Although we may not be able to serve on a team the way we usually do each Sunday, this is the perfect time to take Jesus' example and serve anyone we possibly can. 
Do you know your neighbours? Do you call people other than family and close friends? Do you have the time or resources to be able to volunteer with initiatives in your area? Maybe now is the time!

Call one person today for longer than 5 minutes and just chat, pray, encourage each other. While we may not be on a "team", THIS is the real strength of the church more than ever. 


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