Day 19

Do Not Neglect Communion

Today’s focus on how the primitive church conducted itself is on communion, a ‘recreation’ of the Lord’s Supper, found in all four Gospels, including Matthew 26:17-30.
Communion physically reminds us of Jesus’ saving work as we break and eat bread, signifying his body broken for us, and drink grape juice/wine, signifying his atoning blood poured out for us.
Paul harshly rebukes the congregation at the church in Corinth for merely performing the act, rushing through it and forgetting its true purpose. They had become actors instead of participators.
This demonstrates what a high a regard Paul and the other church leaders had for Communion. This wasn’t just a common meal that people shared; this was a daily reminder of the very real sacrifice Jesus did for us.
You were bought by Jesus at infinite cost because of God’s infinite love for you. Choose today to not be an actor in how you honour God, but a participator. 

Consider having communion tonight. If your group is meeting, do it over Zoom. If you have a self-isolating flatmate, do it through the closed door while praying with each other. If you are alone, call a friend and do it together through a video call. You don’t specifically need pitta bread or wine!
Take a few minutes before to read through one of the Gospel accounts of the Lord’s Supper. Find three reasons you are grateful for Jesus’ finished work on the Cross and praise God for it. 


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