Unlimited Service - Day 7

Unlimited Service  - Day 7
How to Deal with Problems in the Church
There are many who criticize the church because of its weaknesses. Not many people are able to deal with problems in the church in a constructive way. The Corinthian church was a perfect example of a church in trouble. It suffered from factions, incest, litigation, drunkenness, greed, heresy, etc. You name it, they had it.
How did Paul handle the situation? Instead of either sinking in discouragement or writing aggressive and angry letters, the apostle sat down to dictate a letter which demonstrated controlled passion It was systematic in argument and presentation, vibrating with empathy, sympathy and unrequited love.
He recognized that only dutieswere his, while results were God's. In this conviction he set forth basic principles of behavior which, if applied, would bring order out of chaos and holiness out of moral laxity. We should carefully observe the one grand truth he uses which overarches every other: He relates every problem to the Cross of Christ.
In no other letter is the name of Christ so continuously introduced. It can be found no less than nine times in the first nine verses alone. If a church is "in Christ," he says, there may be differing opinions, but there should never be the shameless and shameful bickering of party faction and party hatred.
Think of a difficult situation in your church or faith community. What answer does the Cross of Christ provide?
By Dr. Desmond Ford


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