Unlimited Service - Day 4

The Church That Washes Feet
The church doesn’t exist to please itself or for its own comfort and safety. The church exists to be God’s agency for the ministry of Christ.
Every person who walks through this world will end up with tired, dirty feet. The dust of our journey, as well as the wounds and sin mar the beautiful feet that God created for us. The ministry of Jesus is to soothe in cool waters, to heal through his loving touch, and to clean by his blood.
The work of the church isn’t what we think it is. The work of the church is to do the work of Jesus.
Jesus never owned a building. He never had a bank account. Instead, he did the work of a slave for others; he washed feet. When the Christian church understands that its principal work is to wash tired and dirty feet, then it will be on the path to fulfilling its God-given mission. 
To wash one another’s feet means to be willing to kneel down and serve at the feet of those who are dirty from the roads of life. It means to help them experience the cleansing love of Jesus. He said to his church,
“Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them” (John 13:17, NIV).
Think about your church or Christian community. Is there someone there who has been wounded by sin; perhaps someone who’s a little rough around the edges. What can you do as a special act of service to show them how much Jesus loves them?
By Dr. Eliezer Gonzalez


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