Day 2

Day 2

Sometimes in life it is impossible to avoid pain, even though we spend much of our time trying to eliminate it. However, some pain is worth it. Jesus Himself was willing to endure extreme pain and even death on a cross (Philippians 2:8), because of His great love for us.

That reminds me of a universal truth that many athletes, business people, farmers and even ministers have learned about life. In fact, many parents have also learned this truth, as they watch their child experience growing pains. What is this universal truth? It is simply this: No Pain, No Gain. 

So, the next time you are experiencing pain in life, whether it is a change in your spiritual season, growing pains or the process of healing a fractured relationship. “Take courage! Do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded.” (2 Chronicles 15:7)


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