The Reset day 3

God gave Saul a clear instruction in 1 Samuel 15, Saul was to destroy everything in the City of Amalek.
However Saul destroyed everything that was worthless and preserved everything that seemed good to Him.
Although that was not the instruction that was given to Saul, he genuinely believed that He had fulfilled all that was required of Him but He only did part of it. This displeased God greatly and as a result, Saul missed out on an opportunity to reign as king. Saul’s disobedience also affected his whole lineage!
“Partial obedience is still disobedience.” 
Your obedience to the word of God and leading of His Spirit is key if you desire to truly please God. Saul's disobedience was an issue of the heart, why? Because an individual who is wholeheartedly devoted to God is willing to obey Him no matter what. 
We have to check the posture of our hearts and ask, 'Am I wholeheartedly devoted to God?' and 'Are my responses to His commands/instructions reflective of that?'
If you also desire to be fruitful and prosperous in all your ways, obedience is the key! Could it be that you're missing out on opportunities to grow, thrive, expand or gain clarity for your life because of your lack of obedience to His word?
What has God instructed you to do, that you still have not done?
Who is being affected by your disobedience? 
This isn’t to condemn you, this is an opportunity for all of us to get it right and to say ‘yes’ to whatever God requires from us, daily. Not when we feel like it or when it seems good to us.
It could be small in your eyes, but God still requires your yes. Even with your yes, it’s important to understand that you’re not doing it in your own strength but through the grace that He supplies, when you submit to Him.
Repeat after me, 
His grace is sufficient. 
His grace is sufficient. 
God wouldn't require anything from you, that He cannot empower you to do. Always remember that!

Prayer Points 
  • Repent and ask for a willing heart to obey His word. 
  • Surrender and say yes. Give God any fears that you may have and ask His strength to be perfected in your weakness. 


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