"In Jesus Name" - Day 16

Rhythm of the Holy Spirit

The steady beat of a metronome sitting on the windowsill softly resonates throughout my prayer room. I often find myself captivated by its consistent rhythm. It quiets my mind, soul and spirit and ushers in a gentle peace to the place where I enter into prayer.
A metronome is described as “a rhythm trainer to maintain a constant tempo; used to measure and regulate.” As I thought about this, I noticed a weight on the arm of the metronome that can be raised or lowered to adjust the tempo, the pace. At that moment, I heard God whisper to me, “The Holy Spirit is your metronome. He teaches you to measure and pace your life to My rhythm. Your pace should accelerate or slow down depending on what He says.” After this realization, my prayer became a declaration and a promise to tune my ear to God in order to live in His perfect, unforced rhythm.
We all need the Holy Spirit’s flawless rhythm. Many of us—whether a teenager, college student, young married, professional, parent or grandparent—find ourselves in a race against the clock. We’re limited to 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week, and often that doesn’t seem like enough. We become increasingly busy; we multitask; we overcommit. It’s a lifestyle that leads to stress and ends with us at His feet again, crying out for help and begging Him to slow life’s pace.
Just like our lives today, there were many times during Jesus’ ministry that He needed to be alone. He needed to step away from crowds of people and the hectic pace of life to spend time with God. Luke 5:16 (MSG) says, “As often as possible Jesus withdrew to out-of-the-way places for prayer.” He needed to realign Himself with the Father, quiet His spirit and hear from God.
Finding your place to retreat could be as simple as closing your eyes and focusing in on Him. It could be in your car or closet. It’s any physical or spiritual “place” where you can get with God in the midst of your busy life. As you begin to step away, you’ll begin to experience new ways of hearing God’s voice. And as you align yourself with God, you’ll begin to move at His pace.
Life may be busy and seemingly unmanageable, but with the Holy Spirit as our guide, we can set aside moments to be alone with God. These moments make all the difference. Once you sync your rhythm with His, you’ll find the Holy Spirit stopping you during your everyday life. In the middle of a busy day, you’ll retreat into His presence and emerge refreshed and ready. Just listen to the steady tick, tick, tick of His metronome.
I have so much to do that I spend several hours in prayer before I am able to do it.
~ John Wesley


Lord, I know that Your pace is the perfect pace. I know that the only way I can keep up with my hectic schedule is to spend time with You. Help me to find the Holy Spirit’s rhythm for my life. Stop my day-to-day activities, remind me of Your power, and let me find that place where I can live freely with You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Pray for the rhythm of God in your life. Retreat to your place with God. Record your impression. God may give you a picture, scripture, word or direction. Write it down. Respond whenever God speaks.

Memory Verse

The Lord your God in your midst, the Mighty One, will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing. Zephaniah 3:17 (NKJ)


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