"THE WAY" - Day 13

Draw A Line In The Sand
A time came in the Israelites’ journey when they had to “cross over” to the Promise. The journey didn’t stop there, but for them to get where they needed to go they had to cross the Jordan, leave their past behind and walk into their future. 
The same is true for us. There are times along the way when we have to draw a line in the sand and decide to cut off what’s behind us and walk into a new season, or walk out of unhelpful ways of living and thinking and into new ways. 
Let’s not be like those stubborn Israelites that died in the wilderness because they couldn’t let go of the past. We’ve come too far on the journey to stop short of our promise. Let’s be like Joshua’s generation that crossed over and walked, not into the unknown, but into promised, new things.
What is one “old” or unhelpful thing that you could stop doing and what is one “new” life-giving thing that you could start doing today?


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