Finding Freedom from Fear - Day 7

Strong and Courageous in the Lord
Joshua 1:9
We must be strong and courageous as we march through life. Fear and discouragement can be conquered only with strength and courage brought by the firm realization of God’s presence. God is with us, and He will never leave nor forsake us. This is His promise to us just as it was to Joshua. His unfailing presence is always with us wherever we go. Therefore, we must stand strong and courageous against all the enemies, trials, and temptations that confront us. No matter how many crushing problems, tough situations, or difficult people we face—no matter how many lustful temptations or terrifying trials we face—God is right there with us. God will deliver us and give us victory over the enemy that confronts us. We must stand strong and courageous, conquering all opposition and fulfilling our task for the Lord.
Study Questions:
  • It is not always easy to be strong and courageous. How can you build up a heart full of courage and strength? 
  • Are you confident in the promise that God’s unfailing presence is always with you?
  • God does not want us to cower in fear of the enemy. He wants us to find strength and courage in His powerful, constant presence within us. Ask Him to transform your weakness into courage and strength that bring Him glory and bring rest to your fears. 


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