Finding Freedom from Fear - Day 5

Trust in God
Psalms 56:3–4
David had unwisely placed himself in a situation that intensified his fear: not only was Saul seeking his life, but Achish and the officials of Gath were also considering what to do with him. David confronted his fear with unwavering trust in the Lord and by praising the Lord for the reliability of His Word. Years earlier, God had chosen and had secretly anointed David to be Israel’s future king. Now, David was buoyed by the confidence that God would fulfill that which He had promised. Secure in God’s sovereign plan for his life, David determined that he would not fear what mortal man could do to him. No human being could overrule God’s purpose for his life.
Trusting in the Lord like David did can eliminate any fear you have. Praising God and relying on His Word produces resilience and trust in God that will give you confidence that His ultimate purposes for your life will prevail even in the state of fearing particular outcomes. 
“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.” – Corrie ten Boom
Study Questions:
  • What can you do to praise God amidst fear?
  • Do you believe God’s purposes are good? 
  • Resilience and trust in God’s purposes takes intentionality. Be intentional with going before God this week in prayer. Pray that he would change your fears into praises.


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