Finding Freedom from Fear - Day 4

Seeking Christ in Light of Fears
Psalms 34:4
David had already experienced a number of terrors in his young life: a lion, a bear, and a giant pagan warrior. Now, the jealous, unstable king of his own nation was pursuing him. Most recently, he had foolishly fled into enemy territory, where he found himself staring straight into the eyes of Gath’s king and his guards. In each of these terrifying circumstances, David’s life was on the line. Gripped by the gravity of the situation at hand, David sought the Lord, earnestly asking Him for His guidance and protection. In every case, God heard and answered by giving him strength and guidance. The Lord had delivered David from these dangers by empowering him to fight his enemy or by showing him how to escape.
You may not be going up against a lion, bear, or giant pagan warrior. Your fears may be more internal. You may be battling the fear of cultural pressures, of failure, or incompetence, or even of committing to something. With David, his eyes that were darkened with doom suddenly sparkled with courage, hope, and joy. When you give your fears to the Lord, He can change your crippling anxieties into courage, hope, and joy.
Study Questions:
  • Are you seeking Christ in the midst of your fears? 
  • How can you seek Christ while also battling internal or external fears?
  • Christ wants to lift you from the burden of carrying your fears all by yourself. He wants to guide you and protect you. Discover what it looks like for you to release your fears to God, and for him to change those fears into courage, hope, and joy.


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