Finding Freedom from Fear - Day 3

A Spirit Not of Fear
2 Timothy 1:7
God has not given us the spirit of fear or timidity. Too often believers fear using their gifts. They fear speaking up for Christ and the gospel. Being very honest, we have all experienced these fears at one time or another. Consequently, we failed to witness—to use our gift in speaking up for Christ and in proclaiming the gospel.
Is it possible to keep from fearing if we live for Christ in this world, a world that is so evil and abusive? How can we keep from being apprehensive if we witness for Christ day by day? How can we be bold when the world thinks that religion is to be kept in the church and not out in the world? How can we stand up for Christ when people mock and poke fun at anyone who lives for Christ? How can we stand for what God’s Word says is right? This verse tells us how: we let God equip us. God’s equipment does not include fear. The fact is clearly stated: God does not give us the spirit of timidity; God gives us the spirit of love and power, and of self-discipline. The word “spirit” means the believer’s spirit: the Holy Spirit of God actually injects power, love, and self-discipline into the spirit of the believer.
Study Questions:
  • How can you let God equip you daily? Moment by moment?
  • Do you tend to be fearful when it comes to speaking up for Christ? If yes, why?
  • How can you live out the spirit of love and power and self-discipline? In what ways do you think your life would be changed?  


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