Finding Freedom from Fear - Day 2

God’s Promises
Isaiah 41:10, 13, 14
God spoke these encouraging words to His people to help them endure captivity. God assured His people that He would protect them in the here and now, in the present distress they were experiencing. No doubt God’s promise of freeing His people from the coming captivity was very encouraging, especially to the true believers who were to endure the Babylonian captivity. But they needed far more than just a distant, future hope of deliverance. Righteous believers needed to know that God was with them day by day in their present painful circumstances. So God met their need and gave them a most wonderful promise: whether in the present or in the future and in whatever circumstances, God’s people were not to fear. His encouraging words to His people of old are also for His people living today. He gives three reasons why, as believers, we should not be anxious or afraid.
First, we are not to fear because He Himself will be with us (v.10). He will strengthen and help us and uphold us with His right hand—His righteous, victorious hand.
Second, we are not to fear because He will hold our right hands and help us as we face our enemies (v.13). Note the close relationship being stressed here: the Lord tells you that He is “your God” and that He will take “hold of your right hand.” He will “help you.” Meditating on this promise should give enormous encouragement to you when you are facing difficult circumstances and hardships.
Third, we are not to fear because He is our Redeemer (v.14). He has redeemed us with the blood of His very own Son. And He will protect us and give us everything we need (Romans 8:32).  
Study Questions:
  • Do you find assurance in God’s promises? 
  • Do these promises alleviate your fears?
  • How can you give your fears over to God?


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